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Exadata: The Journey News

It has now been a few months since Oracle announced the release of the latest (12th) version of its flagship engineered system, the Exadata Database Machine X10. A quick web search for reviews reveals that Oracle Marketing-inspired analyst reviews dominate the space. Almost all of which emphasise the improved feeds and speeds. Don’t get me wrong, the uplift in the performance (OLTP 3x higher transaction and 3.6x higher analytics throughput) and storage (22% more hard drive capacity on the High Capacity storage servers) of the new version of Exadata is impressive when compared to the X9 model. The speed of processing and storage capacity provided by the Exadata platform are certainly not to be underestimated. Especially if those factors were your primary drivers for choosing it.

Exadata: The Journey

I have now accompanied the Exadata on its journey into customer land for more than 13 years. From its beginnings, as an optimised platform to support data warehouse projects on Oracle database, it morphed pretty quickly into something that Oracle invested a lot of time and budget in to make it the very best platform for running the Oracle database. Whether this was the plan from the outset or a consequence of the Sun Microsoft acquisition. Which also gave Oracle immediate access to hardware development, or just serendipity, I could not say.

Over the course of just a few years, Exadata established itself as the absolute go-to solution in the areas of high end data processing, analytics and transaction throughput for many enterprise customers. However, many users of the Oracle database did not follow this path for a variety of perfectly understandable reasons. 

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