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Oracle Recovery Appliance and Ransomware – what is the deal here?

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In a recent Oracle Ask Tom Database Backup and Recovery Office Hours presentation entitled Ransomware Protection and Cyber-Resilient Architectures with Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, the Product Management team from Oracle provided a good introduction to the ever increasing features of the Recovery Appliance (RA) and how it provides for better cyber resilience of the platform.

AI Capabilities in Oracle Analytics Cloud

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Oracle Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics platform, to enable businesses to gain valuable insights from their data. It includes a range of tools for data preparation and data visualisation.

OCI Vision

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OCI Vision serves as an advanced AI tool aimed at facilitating extensive image analysis powered by deep learning algorithms. It streamlines the process of integrating image and text recognition features into applications, eliminating the need for specialised knowledge in machine learning.

OCI Speech

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OCI Speech is an AI service utilising automatic speech recognition technology to transform audio content into text. Employing deep learning techniques, it accurately transcribes natural conversations.

Exadata X10 – Why should you care?

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It has now been a few months since Oracle announced the release of the latest (12th) version of its flagship engineered system, the Exadata Database Machine X10.

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