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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Generative AI

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Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), described by Forbes as “the next generation of artificial intelligence” takes traditional AI one step further by creating new content.

Business Transformation through Oracle Digital Assistant

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Digital assistants are fast becoming common-place, and most people will interact with Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa in their household daily.

As well as personal use, the use of chatbots and digital assistants are also growing in the business world, due to the many benefits and positives they can provide.

Technology has a critical role to play in employee productivity, operational efficiency, and work collaboration to name a few. Oracle can help businesses achieve these, using conversational AI digital assistants.

What is AI and why is it important?

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Artificial intelligence (AI for short) is a broad category encompassing many technologies.​ These technologies work together to enable machines to comprehend, learn and act with “human-like” levels of intelligence.

DORA from an Oracle perspective

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DORA is set to reshape the finance industry, especially for Oracle customers. Our e-book explains how it impacts Oracle customers.

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