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Author: Philip Godfrey

What is OCI Language?

OCI Language is a cloud-based AI service provided by Oracle for performing sophisticated text analysis at scale.

What does it do? ¹

Using pre-trained acoustic and language models, OCI Speech provides you with a range of possibilities including:

Accurate audio to text transcriptions.²

Produces an accurate and easy to use JSON and SubRip Subtitle (SRT) files written directly to Object Storage. Allowing you to search, index, and decipher data buried in your audio files.

Confidence scores of output

Confidence scores are provided per word and transcription score enabling you to quickly identify words that require attention.

Native multilingual support

OCI Speech ASR (automatic speech recognition) models support English, Spanish, and Portuguese, German, French, Italian, & Hindu, allowing you to transcribe your audio files in your preferred languages.

Diarization for increased readability and understanding.³

OCI Speech offers diarisation capabilities – segmenting and labelling audio into distinct speaker segments. Providing further opportunities for analysis, and extraction of valuable insights from spoken interactions.

What are the benefits of using OCI Speech?

  • Integrated transcription service: Reduces dependence on external transcription services and gain greater control over your data through end-to-end security and compliance measures.
  • Easy to integrate: OCI Speech offers versatility through its accessibility via REST APIs, various SDKs, and Oracle CLI, meaning developers can effortlessly implement a scalable speech service.
  • Purpose-built for security and privacy: OCI Speech prioritises customer privacy. The prebuilt models transcribe your content without retaining any data for training, debugging, or other purposes, ensuring the protection of your information.

What are some use cases for OCI Speech?

  • Call centre transcription.
  • Media search & discovery
  • Closed Captions
  • Meeting scribing
  • Speech translation
  • Training
  • Unlock insights.
  • Digital Assistant

A deeper dive into business use cases for OCI Speech

  • Customer feedback analytics: Digital Media content search and closed captions. OCI’s platform optimises workflows with automatic in-workflow closed captioning for digital media content. Utilise OCI Speech for seamless content indexing, enhancing search capabilities across your content.
  • Call centre into call analytics: OCI Speech can transcribe customer calls for easy search and retrieval of information. Use OCI Language and Anomaly Detection together to detect sentiment, identify customer churn, and staff training opportunities.

How to use OCI Speech?

Getting started is extremely easy by using prebuilt acoustic and language models that don’t require users to have any data science experience.

Interested to know more?

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Philip Godfrey

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