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iCabbi interview at Oracle Openworld with Cloud Pro

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iCabbi have made their journey to the cloud to process billions of taxi data points in an endeavour to gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses for their customers. Having began in 2009 in Dublin, they served taxi companies b connecting the driver with mobile app and passengers with a mobile booking app. iCabbi has decided scale their data analysis in the cloud as a natural step forward, stating that they were initially set on this path from day one and that it had to be cloud for iCabbi – any other way would have been counterproductive.

The was difficulty once iCabbi began analysing their vast amounts of data via Excel given its inherent manipulation and insight limitations Naturally it was determined that with lacking internal resources and depth of analytical capability, a data warehouse would need to be employed for optimised queries. iCabbi turned to and began working with Vertice in order to utilise their expertise in Oracle products, in this instance, recommendations for Oracle Analytics Cloud. It was determined that with iCabbi’s wealth of data, OAC could hold repository and disseminate through appropriate dashboards to enable iCabbi to self-service their analytics.

Now with OAC implemented, driver data is tracked as job items to be accepted or declined, area popularity, among other metrics. This meant that iCabbi could make operational changes about products and implement optimised strategies based on customer wants and needs. The level of insights goes down to areas such as individual driver account earnings and the general feedback from iCabbi themselves is that by implementing Oracle Analytics Cloud, they are no in an excellent position for their business to grow.

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