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An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice has one of the largest, dedicated Oracle-certified Analytics practices in Europe. Our specialist Oracle service offerings can assist, enable and add value to your Oracle solutions via design, implementation, user adoptions and support.  Let us introduce you to Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), which provides the industry’s most comprehensive platform for business intelligence. Unmatched in terms of capabilities, OBI offers a full range, including interactive dashboards, ad-hoc query analysis, enterprise reporting, mobile analytics, multidimensional OLAP, predictive analytics, business process invocation, unstructured search and collaboration, integrated systems management and more. 

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In Addition we also offer the following services

You can use machine learning (ML) algorithms to show patterns and uncover insights in your data sets, and then add them to your visualizations. 


Use the Machine Learning catalogue to manage your ML scripts and models


Use data flows to train ML models using custom or built-in scripts.Machine Learning catalogue to manage your ML scripts and models


Use data flows to score and predict data sets using ML models


Self-service ML for diagnostics analytics of attributes


Create a custom scenario for attributes by applying ML models to a data set

OBI is built on a proven and modern technological foundation that supports the highest workloads and most complex deployments while providing timely insights to users across an enterprise at a low overall total cost of ownership.

OBI Functionality at a glance:


  • Highly Formatted and Interactive reporting against Modelled and Personal Data from Anywhere
  • Delivers the fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications
  • Leverages Oracle Real-Time Decisions and enables real-time intelligence into any type of business process or customer interaction
  • Enterprise Reporting & Microsoft Office Integration with spatial visualizations and analytics
  • Scorecard and Strategy Management, Server-based query, reporting, and analysis

Key Features

  • Full range of charting capabilities
  • Cross-tab and drill down support
  • Conditional formatting, filtering and sorting etc
  • Formulas and Functions Multiple table/forms layout
  • Dynamic data column support
  • Supports both Oracle and non-Oracle data sources ranging from file-based data
  • Provides open-APIs for integration with a range of enterprise systems
  • Supports prevalent middleware solutions including application servers and security systems
  • Easy to use ad hoc query and analysis
  • Comprehensive suite of data visualizations
  • Highly scalable multidimensional OLAP server
  • Powerful geospatial mapping and visualization
  • Ability to act on insight by invoking business processes from within BI


  • No dependency on installed language
  • No dependency on database character set
  • Use XLIFF to support multiple languages
  • Schedule reports to execute hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or using a custom calendar
  • Simplifies systems deployment through integrated systems management tools
  • Best-in-class capabilities for managing the development lifecycle for BI applications
  • Drive innovation
  • Deploy business best practices using packaged analytic applications
  • Make insights accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere with mobile business intelligence
  • Provide extreme performance and lower total cost of ownership with Engineered Systems
  • Proven support
Feature Benefit
Interactive Dashboards Provides fully interactive dashboards and reports with a rich variety of visualizations
Self-serve Interactive Reporting Enables business users to create new analyses from scratch or modify existing analyses without any help from IT
Enterprise Reporting Allows the creation of highly formatted templates, reports, and documents such as flash reports, checks, and more
Proactive Detection and Alerts Provides a powerful, near real-time, multi-step alert engine that can trigger workflows based on business events and notify stakeholders via their preferred medium and channel
Actionable Intelligence Turns insights into actions by providing the ability to invoke business processes from within the business intelligence dashboards and reports
Microsoft Office Integration Enables users to embed up-to-the-minute corporate data in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel documents
Spatial Intelligence via Map-based Visualizations Allows users to visualize their analytics data using maps, bringing the intuitiveness of spatial visualizations to the world of business intelligence