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Financial Services Crime & Compliance

Financial Risk

Oracle Financial Services Crime and Compliance solutions empower you to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate financial crime risks, safeguarding your institution and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Some of our proven financial data solutions

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud in real time across all channels, including payments, transactions, and account activity. Minimise losses, protect your customers, and preserve your reputation.

Our detection & prevention technology:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Identify and report suspicious activity, screen customers and transactions against watchlists, and meet regulatory requirements for AML compliance.

Our anti-money laundering technology:

Know Your Customer (KYC):

Verify customer identities, assess risk profiles, and conduct ongoing due diligence to comply with KYC regulations.

Our know your customer technology:

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with evolving financial regulations and industry standards, including Basel III, MiFID II, and GDPR.

Our regulatory compliance technology:

Risk management

Proactively identify, assess, and manage financial crime risks across your organisation. Strengthen your risk management framework and protect your institution from financial losses and reputational damage.

Our risk management technology:

Financial integrity secured

Oracle Financial Services Crime and Compliance solutions enable your financial institution to protect its assets, safeguard its reputation, and maintain the trust of its customers. By mitigating financial crime risks and ensuring regulatory compliance, you can operate with confidence and achieve long-term success.

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