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Oracle Customer Analytics empowers you to transform customer data into actionable insights. Understand your customers, personalise their experiences, and drive revenue growth.

Some of our proven customer data solutions

Single, Dynamic Customer View

Bring back-office and CRM  data into a unified, 360-degree customer profile. Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform gathers customer signals and applies them to the customer profile in real time so you have the most up-to-date information about your customer in every moment.

Our dynamic customer view technology:

Customer behavioural intelligence

Realize your personalisation strategy faster and deliver digital customer experiences that are authentic, relevant, and context aware. With Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence you can collect and evaluate prospect and customer behaviors in real time, use AI and machine learning to obtain intelligence from that data, and combine both to personalise the digital customer experience (CX) at the exact right moment.

Our behavioural intelligence technology:

Customer value delivered

Measure customer engagement and improve customer lifetime value using AI and machine learning to model, predict, and recommend the optimal experience and derive the next, best customer experience. Evaluate engagement using several out-of-the-box widgets that include audience, campaign, and segment analyses.

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