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DORA from an Oracle perspective

Navigating the Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA)

Are you a finance sector leader tasked with ensuring that Oracle meets your operational resilience requirements within the EU?

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is poised to reshape the financial industry, especially for Oracle customers. Our newly released e-book, “What is DORA and Why should I care?”, offers indispensable insights into how DORA impacts Oracle customers in finance.

DORA is more than just an acronym; it’s pivotal EU regulation fortifying operational resilience including those reliant on Oracle systems. It unifies third-party risk management, safeguarding Oracle -based operations against unforeseen ICT-related incidents. Our comprehensive guide covers governance, ICT risk management, incident management, and Oracle-related third-party risk under DORA, ensuring you’re prepared for the January 17, 2025, implementation date.

Discover why DORA compliance isn’t just necessary; it’s a safeguard against significant financial penalties. Enforcement powers, penalties, and system recovery for Oracle customers are thoroughly examined. In today’s digital age, operational resilience for Oracle customers is essential, demanding best practices, continuous improvement, and rigorous Oracle system testing. Stay ahead, protect your Oracle-based operations from DORA’s consequences, and unlock the secrets to navigate the Digital Operational Resilience Act.
In the ever-changing and dynamic financial sector, a significant shift is imminent as the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) comes into play, directly affecting Oracle users in the expansive EU. Navigating this complex and multifaceted regulatory landscape is not just important; it’s crucial. Highlighting the urgent need for savvy sector leaders to ensure accurate alignment with Oracle’s strict operational resilience standards.


Moreover, our recently introduced e-book, “Demystifying DORA: A Comprehensive Guide for Oracle Users in Finance,” goes well beyond the acronym. It thoroughly explores the nuanced aspects of this intricate regulatory framework. Not only does it shed light on the significant implications for Oracle-dependent operations in the financial industry. Furthermore, it also distinctly positions DORA as a linchpin within the intricate web of EU regulations. Furthermore, DORA fortifies operational resilience by strategically consolidating third-party risk management, providing a strong shield for Oracle-centric systems against unforeseen and potentially catastrophic ICT-related incidents. This comprehensive guide covers crucial aspects, including governance, ICT risk management, incident management, and the specific realm of Oracle-related third-party risks. It also delves deep within the encompassing framework of DORA.


As the approaching and significant January 17th, 2025, implementation deadline looms, our guide ensures finance leaders are not only prepared but exceptionally well-prepared to fortify their Oracle-based operations effectively. Additionally, the e-book doesn’t just emphasize the need for DORA compliance; it prominently highlights its essential role as an unwavering safeguard against potentially severe financial penalties. Carefully examining enforcement powers, penalties, and meticulously outlining strategies for precisely tailored system recovery for Oracle customers. Our guide empowers financial leaders to proactively, effectively, and resiliently manage risks in an ever-changing digital era. In today’s rapidly changing context, operational resilience for Oracle customers doesn’t just exceed a mere checkbox on a compliance list; it demands a continuous and unwavering commitment to best practices and rigorous testing of Oracle systems. Furthermore, staying ahead of the curve becomes not only necessary but imperative, crucial even, to shield Oracle-based operations from the widespread and potentially devastating consequences of DORA.


Therefore, our guide serves not only as a comprehensive roadmap but as an invaluable and indispensable tool. Unlocking the well-kept secrets to successfully navigate the intricate and challenging landscape of the Digital Operational Resilience Act. Effectively and fortify the foundations of Oracle-dependent operations in the multifaceted financial landscape.
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