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London Financial Services Day 2024​

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A pivotal event tailored for financial services organisations leveraging Oracle technology. The morning session will delve into strategies for navigating regulatory frameworks and compliance standards.

Oracle CloudWorld Tour London – March 2024

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Discover the insights you need to solve your most complex business challenges when CloudWorld Tour comes to London on 14 March 2024. This complimentary event is packed with learning from local experts and customers, networking with peers and partners, and new developments in cloud infrastructure, databases, applications, and more.

Navigating Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Compliance – A Selected Oracle Technology Perspective​

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DORA is more than just an acronym; it is pivotal EU regulation fortifying operational resilience, including those reliant on Oracle technology and systems. During the event we will be exploring a selected number of key DORA provisions (Article 9, Protection and prevention, Article 12, Backup policies and procedures, restoration and recovery procedures and methods) by looking at their business context and possible ways of achieving compliance with the act with a panel of Oracle and customer practitioners. The emphasis will be…

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