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An Post Migrates Workloads to Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer

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An Post migrates both enterprise Analytics Workloads and APEX Transactional workloads to Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer X8M in co-located private data centers for increased performance and simplified automated database management.
Aligned with their plans to ensure they have required infrastructure to continuously innovate, An Post chose Exadata Cloud@Customer which allowed them to leverage the Oracle Database platform within their own data centres, maintaining high security and full data residency behind customer-controlled firewalls. Post continue to extend their portfolio of services in recent years, extending traditional postal and parcel services alongside enhanced financial service offerings in their extensive Retail network and Digital channels. To support the increased demand for enterprise analytics and business insights. Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer represented not only a huge opportunity to innovate and meet this demand. But also provided a full database machine owned and managed by Oracle but hosted in an An Post data center. Data at An Post exists in structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats with data governance, quality and security applied throughout. Their Data & Analytics teams on Oracle Analytics coupled with Exadata Cloud@Customer enable An Post to complete analytics. Data science and machine learning on all data. Ultimately their use of data continues to evolve and conforms to a Data Lakehouse concept.
Partner Value and Role
As a long standing strategic supplier of An Post, for both Oracle Expert services and Managed Services on Oracle Solutions. Vertice were involved in the decision by An Post to ensure that Exadata Cloud at Customer was the right solution for them. Those decisions were based on their current and anticipated business requirements, supporting their strategies for Data & Analytics, Data Lakehouse. And also aligned with their on-going infrastructure Cloud First strategy. Vertice provided a team of certified architects to ensure the successful integration of ExaC@C into the existing enterprise solution architecture. Also ensuring an efficient migration exercise for business continuity. Vertice continues to provide Managed Services on the An Post EXACC including design and delivery of Data & Analytics projects. Which also includes use of; Oracle 19c Database and Autonomous Options, then Oracle Analytics Server, APEX, Oracle Data Integrator., GoldenGate, Data Guard, OCI with Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Analytics Cloud and EPM Cloud. Challenges
  • Near end of life on existing Exadata hardware
  • Change in licence / cost model
  • Change in data center locations
  • High security and full data residency behind customer-controlled firewalls
  • High performance to meet the rising demand for data analytics across many lines of business; Finance, HR, Retail, Sales and Marketing.
Key Benefits Realised
  • Lower maintenance overhead
  • High Availability SLA
  • Maintains control of customer data, while Oracle handles encryption and software updates
  • Exadata Cloud at customer has been a key building block for infrastructure strategy adoption to Cloud
Why Oracle
An Post chose Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer as the logical progression path from Exadata X4 which enabled the elimination of the time and expense needed for hardware maintenance and updates. ExaC@C also offered security by default, reliability, speed, and convenience, which made it the right fit. Next Steps Consolidation and migration of additional workloads onto Exadata Cloud at Customer for performance benefits, ease of maintenance and potential cost savings. Products List
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer
  • Oracle Autonomous Database
  • Oracle Database

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