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Oracle Management Cloud

Smarter Insight, Swifter Action


Oracle Management Cloud by Vertice represents the next generation of security and systems management, designed for today’s and tomorrow’s IT organizations.

Managing with machine learning:

Oracle Management Cloud is a powerful, scalable big data platform, with machine learning at its core, which provides companies with real-time analysis and deep insights into their many technical and business operations at the speeds demanded by today’s data-driven economy.

End-to-end visibility into your application:

Oracle Management Cloud enables organizations to make truly intelligent decisions and execute these with full-featured automation. It facilitates end-to-end visibility into business applications and supports effective monitoring across silos on all types of systems, applications and services.

Prevent outages and troubleshoot 50% faster:

Oracle Management Cloud increases IT stability, prevents outages, strengthens security posture and enables agility so that companies can adapt to market and customer changes and manage any technology, anywhere.

Completely heterogeneous:

Oracle Management Cloud is designed with heterogeneous environments in mind, including Oracle Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other third-party cloud providers. It is also ideally suited to work with popular technologies such as microservices, virtualization, containers and the latest programming languages.

Manage Today’s Complex Environments:

Oracle Management Cloud enables you to manage any technology, anywhere. It gives you greater control over IT assets, ensures higher stability for your custom and packaged on-premises applications, and makes it easier to maintain optimum service levels. With it, you can:

  • Maintain visibility across cloud-native microservices and cross-cloud integrations
  • Prevent outages across a multifaceted application portfolio
  • Collect and analyze data from end-user devices and browsers; application, middleware, and database services; and hardware, hosts, virtual machines, containers, and clouds

Source data can include structured and unstructured machine data such as metrics and logs, as well as data generated by user interactions with critical IT systems. And because Oracle Management Cloud is a self-learning environment, the more data you supply, the more value you can derive from it.

As an essential component of Oracle’s expanding cloud platform services (PaaS) portfolio, Oracle Management Cloud is designed for any IT organization—not just for Oracle shops. If you need to manage a complex or rapidly changing application portfolio, you will find Oracle Management Cloud’s services to be broadly applicable.

Harness the Value of Machine Learning

Oracle Management Cloud uses a broad array of machine learning techniques, including the following:

  • Anomaly detection: Flags unusual resource usage and identifies configuration changes
  • Clustering: Filters out signals from noise and aggregates topology-based data
  • Correlation: Groups alerts on related symptoms and discovers dependencies
  • Prediction: Forecasts outages before they happen and plans capacity and resource

Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor real and synthetic users and application performance

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor database and cross-tier infrastructure performance

Log Analytics

Aggregate, index and explore the entire enterprise log estate


Execute automated remediation and other tasks at cloud scale

IT Analytics

Analyse business and IT data using pre-built apps and explorers

Security Monitoring and Analytics

Detect, investigate and remediate full range of security threats

Configuration and Compliance

Manage configuration and change against industry and own standards


Key Benefits & Capabilities
  • Ensuring optimal application performance
  • Business insights from operational data
  • Fast, effective troubleshooting
  • Outage prevention powered by machine learning
  • Strengthen security posture

Transform Your IT Team into a Strategic Business Partner today!

  • Improve current resource utilization and plan accurately for future business growth
  • Eliminate common and systemic problems
  • Gain proactive insight into your DevOps