Oracle Database Appliance

An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice has one of the largest, dedicated Oracle-certified Analytics practices in Europe. Our specialist Oracle service offerings can assist, enable and add value to your Oracle solutions via design, implementation, user adoptions and support. Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is an engineered system of software, servers, storage, and networking that offers a simple, reliable, low-cost package for midrange database workloads. Look to the NEW X6 ODA!

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ODA X6-2S & X6-2M:

The Simple, Optimised and Affordable Database Platform for Standard Edition (SE2)

You know how critical your data is to your business-and that’s why it’s crucial to avoid downtime. Downtime can mean lost revenue, lost customer confidence and a lot of lost productivity.

But there’s a simple, optimised and affordable solution: the new Oracle Database ApplianceX6-2. It’s an integrated solution of database and systems software, server, storage and networking – all in one box. There are two variants to suit businesses of all sizes – whether you have a single database or multiple databases. You can deploy it in under 90 minutes – because Oracle has engineered all the components to work together.

It couldn’t be simpler! It’s optimised to run Oracle Database Standard Edition–and you’ll be surprised how affordable it is, because you don’t pay for components you don’t need. As a certified Oracle partner, we can help you choose the right ODAX6-2 for your business needs.


  • All Flash Database Appliances – X6-2S and X6-2M
  • X6-2S – 1*10 Core CPU, 128 to 384GB mem, 6.4TB-12.8TB NVMe database storage, 960GB SSD for OS and Software.
  • X6-2M – 2*10 Core CPU, 256 to 768GB mem, 6.4TB-12.8TB NVMe database storage, 960GB SSD for OS and Software.
  • Minimum and Maximum file sizes range between 1.2TB of DATA/1.8TB for REDO logs, archive logs, with local RMAN to 4.8TB of DATA with 1.2TB for REDO logs, archive logs with external RMAN. Download the Technical Overview presentation for more storage configurations.

Rapid deployment

If you are still not yet convinced, Contact Vertice today, we will send you a simple IP address form and we will come to your site and install and configure the new ODA X6-2S there and then as a demonstration.

For a limited period we are offering a 1TB, 12 month subscription to the Oracle Database Cloud Backup service – ABSOLUTELY FREE, no obligation to renew!