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We understand that your most valuable asset is your people. Harnessing the full potential of your workforce requires more than just intuition; it requires data-driven intelligence. Our HR Analytics solutions empower you to optimise your HR strategies, boost employee productivity, and drive business success.

Some of our proven HR data solutions

People Centric Analytics

Unlock the power of your financial data with customisable reports and interactive dashboards. Gain deeper insights into trends, performance drivers, and opportunities for growth. Make informed decisions quickly and confidently with powerful analytics, AI & ML tools. Mature your analytics journey to a “by exception” basis.

Our people-centric technology:

HR Fusion Data Intelligence​

Oracle Fusion Data Intelligence platform is the next generation of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse built for Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, bringing together business data, ready-to-use analytics, and prebuilt AI and machine learning (ML) models to deliver deeper insights and accelerate the decision-making process into actionable results.

Our data intelligence

Data-Driven HR

Oracle HCM Analytics empowers you to unlock the full potential of your workforce data using analytics, AI & ML. Turning it into actionable insights to make informed decisions, create a thriving workplace, and achieve your strategic HR goals.

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