Oracle Application Express (APEX)

An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice has one of the largest, dedicated Oracle-certified Analytics practices in Europe. Our specialist Oracle service offerings can assist, enable and add value to your Oracle solutions via design, implementation, user adoptions and support. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise apps, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere.

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Oracle APEX has been designed from the very beginning to help developers build modern, beautiful, responsive applications without the need to become specialized experts.



Oracle APEX is easy to use and easy to learn. The Application Builder provides a rich, browser-based, intuitive interface which guides you through the creation of your applications. The powerful components of Oracle APEX enable you to add a high level of functionality to your apps with limited coding. Many customers are productive in a week or less!


Powerful and Proven

Oracle APEX can be used to build a wide variety of apps for any industry – from the simplest app that “webifies” a spreadsheet, to mission-critical apps which are used daily by tens of thousands of users. The elegant architecture of Oracle APEX has been used to power thousands of applications around the globe for years.



Oracle APEX is designed to build web apps which are highly secure out of the box. In a world of ever-changing web standards, evolving security standards, and resourceful hackers, the focus on security means that your applications stay protected and remain state-of-the-art.



You can run Oracle APEX everywhere – on the Oracle Cloud, on-premises, or anywhere else there is an Oracle Database. And you can deploy your Oracle APEX applications across any environment with ease.

Why Oracle APEX?

✓ Turn Data into Information

✓ Edit Data. Effortlessly

✓ Chart Capabilities

✓ Local. Remote. REST. Access

✓ Forms and Automatic Data Model Processing

✓ Absolutely Responsive

✓ Easy Customisation

What’s included in Oracle APEX?

✓ Low Code Development

✓ Powerful Features

✓ Simple Architecture

✓ Easy Deployment

✓ Proven Results

✓ Vibrant Community

Deploy On-Premise or in the Cloud


Oracle Cloud

All Oracle Database Cloud Services on the Oracle Cloud support Oracle APEX. The Autonomous Database Cloud Services provide a fully managed autonomous database and include Oracle APEX preconfigured. Customers don’t have to bother with database or APEX administration tasks and can concentrate on developing their business applications. Additionally, the Oracle Database Cloud Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are available in flexible configurations, from virtual machines to bare metal to Oracle Engineered Systems.


On Premises or Private Cloud

Oracle APEX makes it easy to turn a database instance into an Application Development Platform within a private cloud. Each tenant get their own fully isolated workspace in which developers can work independently on their applications.


Deploy wherever Oracle Database Runs

Oracle APEX can be deployed anywhere that Oracle Database runs, whether it is running in the Oracle Cloud, on-premises, or a third party cloud, or on Linux, Unix or Windows platforms. This means you can develop an Oracle APEX running on Windows on-premises and deploy it to Oracle APEX running in the cloud on Linux, or vice versa.