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An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice Expert Services has one of the largest dedicated, dedicated Oracle Certified Analytics and Data Integration Practices in Europe. Oracle Database 18c is the latest generation of the world’s most popular Oracle database. It is now available on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Exadata. Database 18c provides all sized businesses with access to the world’s fastest, most scalable and reliable database technology for secure and cost-effective deployment of transactional and analytical workloads in the cloud, on-premise and in hybrid cloud implementations.

Oracle Database 18c brings new functionality and improvements to features previously released in Oracle Database 12c which includes:

  • Multitenant Architecture for massive cost savings and agility.
  • In-Memory Column Store for massive performance gains for real-time analytics.
  • Native Database Sharding for high availability of massive web applications.
  • Many more critical capabilities for enhanced database performance, availability, security, analytics and application development.

Oracle Database 18c is a core component of

Oracle’s recently announced Autonomous Database Cloud 


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