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An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice Expert Services has the largest, dedicated Oracle-certified Data Integration practice based in Ireland. Let us introduce you to the most comprehensive, best-in-class platform with hundreds of out-of-the-box adapters to seamlessly integrate on-prem and cloud applications along with real-time, fault-tolerant data integration and replication services supporting a wide variety of on-prem and cloud databases. Only Oracle delivers such a complete offering to accelerate integration with zero-code point and click visual orchestration, flexible API management, comprehensive integration analytics, and the fastest data migration and integration. Oracles Data Integration platform will empower your entire organisation to ask any question of any data using any device in any environment…

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Oracle Data Integration Platform brings together all the critical capabilities of a complete Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance solution into a single unified cloud based platform.

✓ Pushdown E-LT/ETL
✓ Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODI CS) provides pushdown data processing
✓ High performance ETL with less data movement which is best for the Cloud.
✓ Real-Time Data Replication
✓ GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS) is a cloud based real-time data integration and replication service which provides seamless data movement from various on-premises relational databases to databases in the cloud with sub-second latency while maintaining data consistency and offering fault tolerance and resiliency.

Best in Class, Comprehensive, Data Integration Platform


  Real-time data integration and replication

 Seamless data movement

 High performance ETL with less data movement

 Flexible Licensing

 No error prone coding, all GUI driven, managed and maintained

 All the critical capabilities of a complete Data Integration, Data Quality, and Data Governance solution into a single unified cloud based platform

 Easy Scaling

 Rich Visualizations

 Access from any device


  Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC)

  Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS)

 Oracle Golden Gate Cloud Service (GGCS)

How does Oracle Data Integration Platform in the Cloud relate to others?

• Oracle has already proven interoperability between the toolsets and these toolsets now have transitioned to the Cloud and providing wider functionality and interoperability.
• Traditionally acting as the data acquisition stalwart for Business Intelligence, analytics and data warehousing in any enterprise, Oracles is a long proven and well recognised data integration platform.
• The emerging concept of a Data Lake is one of the driving forces behind widespread adoption of integration tools globally and Oracles Integration platform enables this.
• A Much Improved workflow between user experiences being a major theme of Oracle Data Integration recent releases in the Cloud.
• The transition to the cloud in Hybrid Solutions, will see a relatively easy step made from existing Oracle on premise Data Integration platforms in ODI and GoldenGate, to the related ODICS and GGCS…so easing the step to Hybrid Solutions in Enterprise.



Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS)





Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service (GGCS)










Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data Sources




Internal and External Data Sources





ODI and GG on Big Data Cloud Services