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Most comprehensive Big Data platform in the Cloud.

An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice Expert Services has the largest, dedicated Oracle-certified Big Data and Analytics practice based in Europe. Let us introduce you to the most comprehensive Big Data platform in the cloud, Oracle Big Data Cloud offerings enables any scale and size of organisation to Aggregate, Manage, Experiment and Analyze and Act on its own Data. Oracles Big Data and Analytics platform will empower your entire organisation to ask any question of any data using any device in any environment…

Oracle Big Data and Analytics Cloud is a scalable and secure public cloud that empowers your organization by enabling you to Aggregate, Manage, Experiment, Analyze and Act.

 Aggregate: Access data from a variety of sources. Collect it, clean it, prepare it, and transform your data. Gain the ability to do all this on streaming data as well as data at rest.

 Manage: A comprehensive data management layer enables you to work with all data types and technologies. Seamlessly integrate big data with your existing data, applications, and reports. Ensure that your access to all this data is seamless, secure, and compliant. Different options are available to enable you to deploy managed and automated services in Oracle data centers or your own.

 Experiment: New data is rarely analysis-ready. You need tools to help you change it, take out the parts that don’t matter, and combine data in novel ways. Tools that enable you to experiment. That takes a system of innovation—not just a system of record.

 Analyze and Act: Put your data to work. Run predictive analytics models. Enhance existing enterprise applications. Create data services. Build dashboards and charts for business leaders. Watch your investment in big data pay off. Using OAC 

Get the Value You Expect From Big Data and Analytics 

  Using Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud

 Fully integrated Suite


 Flexible Licensing

 Easy Scaling

 Rich Visualizations

 Access from any device



  Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service

  Oracle IoT Cloud Service

  Oracle Golden Gate Cloud Service


  Oracle Big Data

  Oracle Big Data Cloud

  Oracle Big Data Cloud Machine

  Oracle Cloud Machine


  Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service

  Oracle Big Data Discovery

  Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop

Analyze and Act:

  Oracle Analytics Cloud


How does Oracle Big Data and Analytics match your need?

  • Oracle Big Data and Analytics can fulfil your Business needs and Architecture, by use of Data Management Solutions for Analytics (DMSA):

  • Vertice Approach is to utilise our proven Big Data Analytics “Hybrid” approach, which fully aligns to what is now known as a “DMSA” as described within Gartners Quadrant and Survey above.
  • Inclusive of Oracle Traditional Oracle Database, Oracle Data Warehouse, Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Data Integration Suite, and Engineered systems – all readily available in a Cohesive Data Layer, with extension and further integration with Hadoop in a Hybrid or Public Cloud basis, via Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark delivered as a managed, elastic, integrated platform – for streaming, batch and interactive analysis.
  • DMSA Covering the Aggregate, Manage and Experiment aspects of Oracle Big Data and your defined Business Use Case in context.
  • Thus enabling and ensuring all valuable data for your organisation can be utilised as pertinent, whether;Structured, Semi-Structured, Unstructured or internal or External data sources. Vertice can fulfil needs for Big Data clearly using our – Big Data Analytics “Hybrid” approach.
  • With continued focus from Vertice Big Data Architects on the Big Data Reference Architecture from Oracle:
  • Then for Analyze and Act aspect – Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) then provides the end to end Analytics Suite for all the Business and Big Data team needs. All within one suite in the Cloud, which also aligns to: Forrester Wave: Enterprise BI Platforms With Majority Cloud Deployments, Q3 ’17.




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