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Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

An Oracle Platinum Partner, Vertice Expert Services has one of the largest dedicated, dedicated Oracle Certified Analytics and Data Integration Practices in Europe. Let us introduce you to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, which provides an easy-to-use, fully autonomous database that scales elastically, delivers fast query performance and requires no database administration. Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud uses the same Oracle Database software and technology that runs your existing on-premises marts, data warehouses, and applications, making it compatible with all your existing data warehouse, data integration and BI tools.


Fully-managed cloud service that makes it very simple to provision a data warehouse, quickly and easily load data and query that data using built-in web-based tools such as notebooks.
Oracle’s unique autonomous database framework ensures high availability and automatic security–without requiring any additional tasks.


Delivers high performance data warehousing straight out-of-the-box with unparalleled scalability and reliability. Built on key Oracle Database capabilities: parallelism, columnar processing and compression. All aspects of performance tuning are automatically managed so the service requires no database tuning.


Scale as needed-create and expand your data warehouse’s compute and storage capacity on demand and independently of each other with no downtime. Pay only for the resources you consume.
Oracle’s unique autonomous database framework ensures high availability and automatic security–without requiring any additional tasks.


Integrates directly with the full spectrum of business analytics, data integration and IoT services within Oracle’s comprehensive range of integrated cloud solutions.

dditional tasks.

Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a fully managed database tuned and optimized for data warehouse workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database.

Key Features of Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud:

✓ Optimized query perfromace with preconfigured resource profiles for different types of users.

✓ Scale compute and storage independently to fit your

data warehouse workload.

✓  Automatic provisioning, patching, upgrades, and


✓  Cloud-Based Data Loading.

✓ Compatible with all business analytics

tools that support Oracle Database.

✓ Built-in Web-Based Data


✓ Database Migration

An affordable, feature-rich and fully managed service in the cloud

  Quick to Deploy

✓ No IT Skills Required

✓ Lower costs with elasticity

✓ Secure Your Data

✓ Protect Your Investment

✓ Grow Your Capabilities

  Automated provisioning

  Automated patching
  Automated Upgrade
  Automated backups
  Automated performance tuning

How does Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud relate to others?


As a data warehouse developer, business user, or data scientist, Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud lets you use all your existing data warehouse design, data integration, analysis, and reporting tools.

  • Connect your favorite data analysis and business intelligence tools through JDBC or SQL*Net.
  • Oracle ML, a web-based SQL notebook tool, is included for data scientists and other SQL report developers and business users.
  • SQL Developer provides a full database development environment: SQL Worksheet, data loading wizards, data modeling, and more tailored to the optimized features of Autonomous Data Warehouse.
  • Integrate data from your autonomous data warehouse into your applications using use any of the supported client drivers including JDBC, .NET, Python, Node.js, PHP, C/C++, and more.